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Conditions of participation

Signing up

Registration can be done online through the appropriate window in "Contacts" or in writing with our registration form directly on the circuit once the reservation has already been made. Registration is considered valid only after full payment and confirmation by us. Registrations close as soon as the maximum number of participants per circuit is reached.


With his binding registration, the participant undertakes to pay the registration fee as well as any additional services booked in good time within the established payment terms.
If payment is not made within the established terms, 1ST LAP Racing Experience reserves the right to cancel the registration without further notice and withdraw from the contract.
Upon notification, registration can also be confirmed by means of a previously agreed deposit.
The exact terms of payment are indicated in the booking confirmation. The participation fee always refers to the rider, not to the bike.


Entries are always binding. In case of cancellation within two months of the event, EURO 100, - will be deducted from the participation fee. Cancellation after these deadlines is no longer possible, because in the short term it is not possible to find a replacement, unless the participant indicates us a replacement to take his place. In this case, the transfer of the registration can be done without charge.


The 1ST LAP Racing Experience declines any responsibility for damage on and near the circuit as well as for accidents to persons or damage to property. Furthermore, the 1ST LAP Racing Experience is not required to take out civil liability insurance. Participants (even those of the Amateurs round) can enter the circuit only after having signed the disclaimer. For minors, the discharge must be signed by a guardian. The participant is liable for personal injury and property damage caused by people using his vehicle without having signed and presented the release of liability to the organizer. Furthermore, the participant is excluded with immediate effect and must pay the participation fee for the non-registered person.


At the entrance to the circuit, motorcycles and cars are subjected to sporadic checks. Motorcycles that do not meet the safety regulations indicated may be rejected. If no proper repair is made, the vehicle is excluded from the event. Motorcycles must be in technically faultless condition. Both brakes must be functional. The fuel lines, the cap and the oil filter must not be able to unscrew or loosen. Only water is allowed as a coolant (no antifreeze). The headlights, license plate and mirrors must be removed or taped. Each driver is directly responsible for the faultless condition of the vehicle.


Only participants with full leather clothing (whole or divisible) and with back protector are allowed into the circuit. Textile clothing is not allowed. In addition, the rider must wear a CE approved helmet, boots and leather gloves. Everyone must pay attention that the helmet is closed.

Withdrawal by the organizer
In the event of force majeure events, such as extreme weather conditions, riots, strikes, cancellation of the circuit / track operator, failure to reach the minimum number of participants or other justified reasons, the 1ST LAP Racing Experience can withdraw from the stipulated contract. . In this case the participant is refunded the participation fee in full.
Further claims of the participant against the 1ST LAP Racing Experience are excluded. The 1ST LAP Racing Experience is not responsible for the loss of driving time on the track due to falls, other driving problems or adverse weather conditions or similar. In such cases the participant is not entitled to a refund or reduction of the participation fee.


Each participant's vehicle is equipped with a transponder. The recording of lap times is used exclusively to verify the correct assignment of the participant to a group and not for a sporting comparison of the competitors. For safety reasons, a participant whose vehicle is not equipped with a transponder cannot participate in the event. The delivery of the transponder basically takes place only upon receipt of a deposit by the participant (document or 100 euros). If the transponder is damaged or lost during use, the participant must pay for the repair or replacement. If the participant does not return the transponder at the end of the event, the deposit will be forfeited. The deposit is returned only upon delivery of the transponder.

Entrance to the track

The circuit at the entrance must not be crossed. Drivers on the track must be signaled with hand marks up to the first corner that when exiting the pit lane, one enters traffic at slow speed. Even in the first corner you must absolutely remain on the side of the trajectory out of the pits. Where you exit to the right you stay on the right and where you exit to the left you stay on the left !!! In the past there have been very serious accidents due to the failure to observe this simple rule. Therefore all the participants who cross the ideal trajectory immediately after exiting the pits, before the first corner, are immediately excluded from the event without warning to protect the other participants! There are no exceptions!


Flags must be absolutely respected. Participants who do not respect the flags, thus endangering others, are excluded from the event!

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