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We are friends, all arrived from different roads and places, but with a great passion in common, the "MOTORSPORT".

Anything that has an engine is equal to HAPPINESS for us .


1st LAP Racing Experience is a friend-run company that was founded in 2020. Our goal is to organize unforgettable motorsport trackday events and provide customers with various services including quality motorcycle rental that will help them enjoy their experience on the track without the need to use your own bike.


1st LAP Racing Experience was born out of our passion for participating in trackdays as well as racing, and this is something we continue to do.


Our staff has extensive experience on and off the track, including on-circuit education and racing experience nationally and internationally.


We have a friendly and informal atmosphere that will be reflected when you enjoy your day even more.


All you have to do is have fun and drive.





The driving force of the group.


Before introducing yourself, remember to give your weight and your height, he will have already thought about the right set-up for your bike.



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