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Many times you worry about using your bike for a track event, so renting one prepared for track can take that initial worry out of your track day experience.

All of our bikes are maintained to a high standard and are prepared with strictly track tires, updated brakes and suspension tuned for track use.

Also included is the use of race-spec wet tires if the weather conditions require it.

Our Superstock prepared bikes are designed for the track, inspire confidence for any rider and flatter any level of experience, whether you're making your first attempt on the circuit to a well-established track enthusiast.

We have a large selection of these beautiful bikes available through our association, they are maintained to the highest standards.

Price includes: choice of motorcycle, tire wear, stands and pit crew style support.

You will also have to pay for the event chosen at the time of booking.

A safety check is carried out before each day on the track to ensure that the bike is maintained to a high standard.

The tire pressure will be set and checked by our staff and the tire warmers installed. All you have to do is register for the day and complete the disclaimers.

Our bikes are maintained for you all day by our staff.

All the bikes are delivered on the track.

The bikes are prepared with used tires, but in perfect condition to

ensure the best grip.

If you want to use new tires you can book the bike with the new set.

For more information,

please contact us.​

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